ElectraStim Urethral Sound Silicone Noir

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Made from our proprietary conductive silicone, these flexible silicone sounds have been honed to deliver the most enjoyable electro sensation from such a small accessory. No matter the penis shape or size these sounds comfortably adapt to the unique curves of the user for an incredibly comfortable sounding experience- with the option to ramp up the intensity when connected to an electro stimulator!

With just under 6 inches of insertable length, these super flexible probes are ideal for comfortable urethral sounding and have ‘measurement notches’ every inch so the user can easily see how deep they’re penetrating. This is particularly important with electro as the smaller the surface area, the more intense the sensation, so most sound users will want to insert fully during play.

Unlike other sounds that are classically unipolar, this bi-polar design can be used by itself without the need for a second accessory to complete the circuit. This allows beginners to focus on the sensation of sounding without the distraction of another powered accessory elsewhere on the body. Of course the Silicone Noir Flexible Sounds can also be used without the electro connected if desired.

The Silicone Noir Flexible Electro Sounds are compatible with all ElectraStim stimulators and are available in 5mm and 7mm diameters to accommodate the most popular beginner sounding sizes.



  • Insertable Length: 150 mm/5.9 inches
  • Diameter: 5 mm (0.2inches) or 7 mm (0.28 inches)
  • Connection: 2 mm 
  • Materials:Platinum cured medical grade conductive silicone (phthalate-free)
  • Number of Poles: 2 (bi-polar)
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