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1 Product Customisation
1.1 I want to customise leather pants/chaps, do you make custom orders?

Since all our leather pants and chaps are made in our own workshop in Amsterdam, we are quite flexible when it comes to customisation of pants.
Please take a look at our Blog about Customisation or at the product page where the options are listed.

For further questions we would kind ask you to come by one of our shops or to send us an email through the "Contact us" on the right side of this page.

1.2 I customised Leather Pants, can I get accessoires to match it?

For some accessoires we can definitely accommodate to match your customised pants. Please contact us through "Contact us" on the right side of this page, to ask if what you are envisioning is possible by describing what your wishes are.

2 Leather related questions
2.1 How to break in my new leather pants?

The care you take at the beginning can make all the difference to how your pants will look and wear for the rest of their lifetime. How long the breaking in period will take depends on how tight they are to start with. The tighter the pants, the longer they will take to break in.

Whilst breaking in, the leather will stretch to your body shape and soften so that it becomes like a second skin. Doing gentle exercise, allowing the leather to warm up, will help in this process. Sudden extreme movements to begin with, (especially squatting, doing the splits or throwing a leg astride a motorbike or something else) could cause the stitching under the crutch to break or worse tear the leather.

From day one, every time you put the pants on, spend some time making sure that the crutch of your pants sit right up where your legs join your body. To help achieve this bend your knees upwards, this increases your thigh size, stretching the leather a bit. As you put your foot down, take a firm grip with both hands of the pants just above the knee and work the leather up a bit further. Repeat this process several times for each leg.

2.2 How to clean my leather pants and other leather products?

Your leather must NEVER be; washed in HOT water, washes with detergent, tumble dried or dry cleaned.

Irreplaceable damage can be caused if you do any of these things. Depending on the level of soiling, they can be washed using cool or cold water (no hotter than 30°C) with a small amount of baby shampoo. Rinse thoroughly, and leave to dry in a cool environment. Do not speed up the drying by placing in front of a heat source.

2.3 Is it safe to do 'watersports' wearing leather clothing?

Uric Acid found in urine ("piss") is very damaging to your leather. It should be washed out as soon as possible after such exposure and certainly should never be left till the next morning.

How to wash? check the answer in the question above.

3 Online shopping
3.1 How can I pay online?

For online shopping we accept CreditCards (VISA or MasterCard),
Bank transfer,
or IDEAL (only within the Netherlands).

Payments only in Euro.

RoB cannot take any responsibility for cash entrusted to the postal system.

3.2 Some items I want to buy are listed as 'backorder', what does this mean?

Sometimes items in our webshop are listed as 'on backorder', when this happens with leather or rubber items it is probably because our workshop needs to make said item. On the product page most likely it will say the expected delivery time.

If the delivery time is not stated, we will try to inform you within 24 hours and give an indication of the expected date of delivery.

3.3 I want to return an item I bought

Provided they come back to us in unused condition and/or its intact original packing, and as long as you notify in writing within 14 days of receiving the goods; You will be refunded the costs of the goods, less our initial invoiced shipping costs.

The costs of resending the goods falls on you.

Our decision on the state of the goods when returned to us shall be final.

3.4 Why do you need my phone number when paying for an online order?

Because our shipping companies (UPS) might need to contact you by phone. This can be a mobile phone number. We regret that we are unable to send your order if we don’t have a telephone number.

4 Shipment
4.1 What are the shipping costs?

We ship our packaged using UPS, worldwide.

The costs are as follows:

BENELUX and Germany:  € 8,-
Rest of the European Union: € 16,-
Europe non European Union € 25,-
United States € 69,-
Rest of the World € 89,-

4.2 How long does the shipping of my order take?

If all products in your shopping cart are available, your order should arrive within 3 - 4 working days if you are living in the EU. If you are anywhere else in the world, It will take 5 - 7 days.

We will provide you with Track & trace information, traceable from our door to your door!

All our shipments are insured for the value of the goods.

4.3 Will my package be discreetly wrapped?

All our shipments are shipped discreetly, in plain cardboard boxes.

On the UPS shipping label it will say that your parcel was shipped from RoB Amsterdam, although in a very tiny font size. It is as discreet as we can!

4.4 I live in the UK, how does the VAT work after Brexit?

Prices for UK customers shown on this webpage include Dutch VAT. When reaching the payment in the check out process the system either deducts the Dutch VAT (when you order is over GBP £135,-) or replaces it with British VAT 20% (below GBP £135,-)

UK being outside the EU means you do not have to pay Dutch VAT but you have to do so with UK VAT

Regarding UK regulations there is difference how the UK VAT has to be paid by the customer.
- Orders up to GBP £135,- : 20% UK VAT will be charged by the Point of Sale (RoB Amsterdam)
- Orders exceeding GBP £135,- : RoB Amsterdam will invoice you without VAT, UK VAT will be charged by the Point of Importation (UPS in our case)

>> Click here for more information

4.5 Do you also ship parcels in the weekend?

We ship online orders from Monday to Friday, not on weekends and public or bank holidays.

4.6 Will I receive a Track&Trace code?

You will be given a tracking number if we send the order out, with which you can follow the shipment from our door to your doorstep.