Sport Fucker Piss Play Sound 18,42 cm (7.25") Rood

* Incl. btw Excl. Verzendkosten
Artikelnummer: SC187R
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

With an insertable length of 7 ¼ inch, this hallow plug will run the entire length of the shaft and stay there ready and waiting for your load to shoot through. 

If you’re used to shooting big explosive loads all over the place, get ready to be taken down a peg or two as you watch your massive load slowly dribble out the top. Your orgasm will feel twice as intense with this fucker in. But your man juice will just dribble out. 

The mind fuck of the slower cuming and more intense orgasm will blow your mind as you blow your load!

Length: 18,415 cm (7 ¼")
Ball: 15,5 mm (0.61")
Back two humps: 8,7 mm (0.34")
First hump: 8,2 mm (0.32")
Internal hole: 3,5 mm (0.14")

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