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Learn more about the customisation of our leather RoB products: colour, stripes, padding and more

Customisation: Your RoB Leather Pants!

At RoB, we take pride in craftmanship. You can choose from a wide variety of Customisations to make your RoB pants uniquely yours. Impress wearing your RoB leather pants that are tailor-made for you!


Side Detailing:
The most sought after customisation is our side detailing; Choose between a small piping, single/double stripes in black or coloured. Amp up by adding D-rings to the hip for your favourite whip or flogger. For those seeking even more allure, consider the lace side option.

Side Customisations, leather pants & chaps


Different Closures:
Our RoB Leather Pants feature a three-button fly. Personalise your pants by opting for a zipper fly, absolutely free of charge. Or, opt for an easy acces option with a front-to-back zipper or the more rugged sailor front closure.


Transform the traditional jeans-like pockets into something more sleek; Choose between classic front and back pockets or the sleek welt pockets. The welt pocket can we left as an 'open' pocket, add a flap with or without a button, or opt for welt pockets with a zip closure.

Especially on the back of your pants, welt pockets will create a more clean looking backside, which leaves space for another customisation option:


Saddle Styling:
Make a statement with a saddle on your RoB pants. Opt for a plain saddle or one with padding for an extra layer of durability and attention to your leather-clad backside.


Knee Patches:
Extend the saddle's charisma to the front of your Leather Pants with our knee patches. Whether you prefer them plain or padded, these patches add a touch of sophistication to your leather ensemble and go perfectly together with our saddle style customisation.


Tailor your pants to suit your boot style. Opt for a slimmer leg with a zip closure near the ankle for a seamless fit into riding or Wesco boots. If you prefer to wear your pants over your boots, let us know, and we'll add a touch more space at the bottom of your pants.


Combining different Customisation together:
Most options can be combined together to make one-of-a-kind Leather Pants. Some combinations your could consider are:
Single Coloured Piping on the sides, + Saddle on the back (We can even add a coloured piping around your saddle!), + Sailor front closure.
Double Coloured Stripes, + D-rings on the sides, + Saddle on the back.
Or be bold, and order a full Red/Grey/Brown/etc. pair of Leather Pants, and add black detailing to it in the form of piping or stripes.

A combination that we wouldn't recommend, are the options of a Boot Cut + Lace Sides; Since lace sides create a quite thick outside seam of your pants, this might make it uncomfortable to but inside a boot.


How to Make It Yours:

Add customisations to your shopping cart online, together with the item (Leather Pants / Leather Chaps that needs customisation. You can find the Customisation options and their additional price on the following page: Click here

If you are planning to stop by one of the stores to order customised pants, please call us in advance just to be sure there is someone available to assist you in person.

Of course you can always reach out to us at [email protected]. When emailing, provide the article number and your customisation wishes, and our team will get back to you promptly after consulting with our leather workshop.

For our full leather colour range please contact us or visit on of our stores to take a look at Leather Samples.