ElectraStim ElectraRings Cock/Scrotal Ring 48 mm

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Size 48 mm.

Enjoy 2 cock rings rings as part of masturbation, foreplay and oral sex, or where a single ring alongside another uni-polar electrode to enjoy enhanced pleasure during sex. You can eve share sensation with your partner when you wear an ElectraRing and give them a uni-polar electrode to take control of. When sharing uni-polar toys on a single channel, you and your partner will experience simultaneous stimulation wherever the electrodes are touching your body, and wherever you touch one another.
For the best solo pleasure, choose a ring for the base of your shaft and another for beneath your glans. Once activated, the rings will cause your whole length to tingle and contract in a way that no other type of sex toy can.

Each metal cock ring has a slightly different diameter, creating a tailored fit for your size. Use 2 rings with single-channel units, 4 rings with dual-channel units, or enjoy just a single uni-polar ring alongside any other electrode.

You should use our electro-conductive gel to lubricate the rings before use. This improves conductivity and ensures you’ll experience the desired sensations when you plug rings into any of our stimulators.

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