Wet Stuff Gleitmittel "Vitamin E" 60 g

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Wet Stuff wetstuff with Vit E is the good general all purpose personal lubricant. It is the result of many years of R&D that brings exquisite texture, long lasting, improved mucus membrane compatibility to the original Wet Stuff wetstuff. What ever your favourite love play this lube is designed for it.

Wet Stuff wetstuff with Vit E is a long lasting lube that meets most users needs for a long lasting value for money lubricant. It has an advanced mixture of lubricating agents that gives a very pleasent texture to intimate contact. For most or our users Wet Stuff wetstuff with Vit E has the properties that are looked for. It's economical, and will stay lubricating with you. Wet Stuff wetstuff with Vit E has all the improvements incorperated in the formulation that Gel Works has discovered in over 20 years of personal lubricant manufacture and over 1,000,000,000 personal lubricant dosages. It is not significantly warming to the skin and does need to be washed off as it only dries slowly.

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