ElectraStim Flick Stimulation

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Stimulate rhythm with the movements of the control unit!

A revolution in electro stimulation technology, the ElectroStim Flick Original not only has 7 built-in programs including escalating patterns, but is also able to stimulate rhythm with the movements of the control unit! This patent-pending feature is like nothing you have ever tried before – hard, soft, slow or fast, it will mimic the sensation that suits you or your partners' desires.

— ElectraStim "Flick" Single Channel Stimulator 
— Stimulator Output Cable 
— USB Charging Cable (Charger Not Included) 
— 4 x Square Self Adhesive Electrode Pads 
— Drawstring Storage Pouch 
— Instructions

— Revolutionary "Flick" Feature 
— 7 In-Built Stimulation Patterns 
— 24 Intensity Level LED Display 
— 5-Level Flick Display — 50 Flick Levels 
— USB Rechargeable — No Batteries Required 
— Slim Ergonomic Design w/Soft Touch Finish 
— Durable Control Panel w/Tactile Buttons

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