ElectraStim Flick Duo Stimulation

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Transform the way you enjoy erotic electro stimulation forever with the world's first dual-channel motion-activated electro stimulator.The Flick Duo's 2 isolated channels offer up to 4 enticing Flick modes that translate your wrist actions into sympathetic stimulation patterns, Hard and fast or slow and soft, you set the pace and intensity.

8 pre-programmed pattern settings operate over 25 intensity levels for hands-free stimulation. Use just a single channel or bring both into play, with adjustable intensity for each. Flick Duo powers up to 2 bi-polar or 4 uni-polar electro sex toys at once. You can even share sensations with your partner when you both connect an electrode to a single channel. You'll feel the erotic sensations everywhere you touch one another, as well as through the electrodes themselves.

Duo Includes:
- 1 x ElectraStim Flick Duo EM80 Stimulator
- 4 x Uni-Polar ElectraPads
- 2 x Connecting wires with 2 mm pin connectors
- 1 x Charging cable
- 1 x Storage pouch

Product Features:
- 4 x patented "Flick" motion-activated features
- Dual channels - powers twice as many electrodes as a single-channel stimulator
- Independent intensity control for each channel
- Rechargeable via USB - no batteries required
- Up to 6 hours Use between charges
- Low battery indicator
- Easy to use, even for beginners
- Intensified pleasure during all sexual activities
- Ideal for masturbation, foreplay or as a couple's sex toy during penetrative sex
- 8 stimulation settings including continuous stimulation, pulsation and escalation
- 25 intensity levels
- Soft-touch control unit with push buttons and LED display
- Small size 
- Built to the highest standards

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