ElectraStim Solid Metal Cockrings Pack of 5

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Artikelnummer: EC120
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You could improve the intensity or your orgasms and maximise your pleasure when you use our ElectraRings cock ring set. Wearing 2 of these uni-polar cock rings anywhere along your shaft can give you powerful contractions and stimulating tingles throughout your length, complementing masturbation, foreplay and oral sex. Some men experience such intensely pleasurable sensations they can achieve a hands-free orgasm while wearing these simple electro cock rings. 5 rings in each pack give you a great fit for different parts of your shaft. You can wear a single ElectraRing during sex alongside another uni-polar electrode.

Included are sizes 36 mm (approx 1.4"), 38 mm (approx. 1.5"), 40 mm (approx. 1.6"), 42 mm (approx. 1.7") and 44 mm (approx. 1.8").

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