Inflatable plug C

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Artikelnummer: RD411R-C
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Pump it up

Let the fun begin - insert and inflate for an amazing sensation.  Or inflate then insert if your hole can take it.  Using the attached hand pump, the stretch pump plug will increase in size to double the volume.  The plug is moulded out of thick, smooth durable red latex and the hand pump features a quick release valve allowing for fast or gentle deflation.  There is no solid core, so the plug can squeeze into the tightest hole.  Sizes given are for the minimum inflation to fill the plug before the latex is stretched.

How far will you pump?

  • length 17 cm, Ø 7 cm
  • thick smooth durable red latex
  • rounded tip, tapered head, base flange
  • doubles in volume
  • hand pump with quick release valve
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