Crackstuffers Smooth Rider Large

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Artikelnummer: VD827L
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Large, smooth and tapering bigger as you get towards the base, this is the perfect dildo to stretch comfortably. It slides in so easily due to its pointed top, and no ridges or bumps, just good smooth riding. The largest in a set of three, it’s a big toy but easy to get on.

Crackstuffers toys are made in a new improved Phthalate free vinyl. They are softer and stronger than before and smell good too! Always use plenty of lube, and they are safe to use with water-based lubes, silicone and oil based lubes such as Crisco.

Dimensions: Length - 28 cm (11"). Diameter - 6,8 / 8 cm (2.67 / 3.14").

Insertable length - 26 cm (10.23").

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