Shower Enema System

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Shower Enema System
The Shower Enema System is a unique product outfitted for use as a shower attachment, making it convenient and comfortable to use in the privacy of the bathroom. The kit features both a 12,7 cm (5") and 8,9 cm (3.5") nozzle with a 183 cm (6') metal bidet hose. The system connects to the shower with a valve control that directs water either through the nozzle or directly into the shower head. The Shower Enema System is designed for simple installation - no modifications needed to the existing shower faucets, and the hose is easily removed for storage or travel.

The basic nozzle is 8,9 cm (3.5") long, while the wide nozzle measures 12,7 cm (5").
The hose is 183 cm (6') long.

Designed for simple installation.

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