Oxballs Pig-hole XXL Blueballs

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Artikelnummer: SD006B XXL
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

There are a few hollow butt plugs out there, but none as stupid hot as PIG-HOLE… shaped so it fits your hole like it was custom fit… made from OXBALLS skin-flex platinum silicone--the only material that feels like skin, warms up to your body temp fast, has enough strength to keep your butt-pucker open, and is still soft enough inside to fuck… and fuck… and fuck…

Total length: 140 mm.
Total circumference: 343 mm.
Usable length: 114 mm.
Smallest usable circumference: 178 mm.
Largest usable circumference: 241 mm.
Inside diameter: 44 mm.
Weight: 297 g.

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