Fist Powder 65 g

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Fist Powder- Give your ass a treat – 100% safe.
A brand new formula, much stronger, 95% organic and economical, extremely slippery and long lasting. No more allergies or any danger: FistPowder does not contain any preservatives or toxics and is hypoallergenic. Once prepared, the lube does not have any taste or smell – you can even lick it.
If some pretend to be condom friendly, only FistPowder is CE0459 certified for use with condoms.
Gear up and don’t be afraid to use FistPowder with any of your Fetish-wear: Leather, neoprene, rubber, gloves, underwear and others.
FistPowder can also be perfectly used for penetration with or without toys, masturbation, all kind of massages and electro stimulation due to its good conductance.
Ingredients: Maltodextrine, Xanthan Gum, Poly(ethylene oxide)
65 g = 6,5 liters to13 liters of Lube.
Made in France

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