ElectraStim ElectraClamps Uni-Polar Set

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If sensory play pushes your buttons, this pair of uni-polar clamps could liven-up your play. They’re suitable for use anywhere below the waist and have an adjustable grip that opens up to 20 mm when opened fully and 7 mm when closed using the adjuster screw.

Intensify your clamping play when you power up your stimulator. Boost the power for a prickly sensation or use a lower setting to induce a deep throbbing. ElectraStim ElectraClamps have uni-polar input, with connection for 4 mm banana plugs. Apply a little of the included conductive gel to the tips before play to enhance the quality of the stimulation you feel.

Ideal for genital clamping, ElectraClamps are the perfect size for clipping onto the scrotum, frenulum, perineum, labia or clitoris. As with all electro play, you should keep play below the waist. We do not recommend our e-stim clamps for use on the nipples.

Uni-polar. For external stimulation – 1 x 4 mm banana plug. 2 Uni-Polar Electro Clamps and a 60 ml tube of conductive gel are included. You will need one of our ElectraStim stimulators to experience the sensations described and a pair of 2 mm --> 4 mm adaptors.

The tips measure 0.25 inches / 10 mm across. The clamps opens up to create a space of up to 20 mm between the tips. Adjust the screw for a maximum closed opening of 7 mm.


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