Stretch Hole B

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13 cm long and 6 cm wide - get a HOLE in one!

STRETCH HOLES are a set of 4 hollow red butt plugs. Made of 100% premium silicone, each butt plug is silky smooth, strong and flexible with unique firm-flex design. The STRETCH HOLE has a soft tapered tip for ease of entry, two bulges along the shaft to give you a great journey, and an ergonomic curved base so that once inserted, the plug sits firm and stays firmly in place.
Give yourself a HOLE lot of pleasure.
Begin with STRETCH HOLE 'A' and work your way up to the challenging STRETCH HOLE 'D', each plug increasing in length and diameter, all the effort paying off with the satisfaction of a great tight full feeling inside and your new HOLE gaping wide open, ready for business. Designed to stretch hungry HOLES wide.

Odourless, non-toxic, easy to clean and compatible with all lubes.
Go the HOLE way.
  • 100% premium silicone HOLE plug
  • silky smooth, unique firm-flex
  • designed to stretch you wider & deeper
  • soft tapered tip for ease of entry
  • 2 bulges along the shaft
  • curved ergonomic base
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