PaddleDaddy Pro 2 Triple strap slapper

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Artikelnummer:: LA351-16"
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The Pro Series 2" Triple Strap Slapper adds an additional strap for more weight and even more sensation. How does this happen? The first strap impacts the body, the second arrives milliseconds later keeping the sensation going and adding to the weight, the third strap arrives even later, continuing to lengthen the moment of impact and adding the experience of even more weight.

The LA350 is made of 3 lengths of extra-thick, heavy, flexible harness leather that is both glued and riveted together at the handle.

To add more variety to the sensations, grip the paddle around the straps instead of at the handle to shorten the length and use in close to the chest, thighs, shoulders, and other areas of the body. Or warm up the body slowly with rubbing and light taps.

PaddleDaddy chooses this particular heavy leather for a solid impact, flexible to conform to the shape of the area being targeted, and soft and silky to the touch, providing a soothing sensation when just rubbed on bare skin.

The Pro Series handle is thicker than a lot of slappers and contoured for an easy and secure grip.

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