Oxballs Hognips-2

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HOGNIPS-2 the biggest nipsuckers for the biggest nips.

HOGNIPS-2 are really huge nipsuckers designed to fit fat thick rubbery nips, huge areolas, pumped nips, pierced nips and… they can suck ass… if you dare, try using on your pucker.

The original “HOGS” were a blast to use, so we redesigned them, we tweaked the shape, added more spring to the silicone for more suck, and made them in an amazing red/black swirl.

Made of indestructible super-firm platinum silicone, these big nippers are heavy and can’t lose their suction—our Platinum silicone doesn’t deform or lose its springiness over time…

The wide lip at the base for more contact so they really stay on, just try one on the palm of your hand these really suck. Use these big hogs on wet nips for an amazing seal, a bit of spit works, some waterbase lube or our favorite, waxy Chapstick, the cheap old kind, it melts just right for longer nip-sucking…we are nip-pro’s.

Made of firm liquid platinum-cure silicone, the best!
Tons of suction, a lot of interior space.
Thick lip for amazing seal.
Silicone nip-suckers can’t wear out.

Liquid Platinum Cure Silicone has the best feel, the warmest in hand, it is heavy for its size, so it feels meaty, it is super fleshy and blubbery--it just feels "real".

These are made in small batches in Los Angeles, very “crafted”, not mass produced…the color swirls are unique to every mix. Liquid platinum silicone cannot be mass produced; it can only be made like this—Oxballs is one of the few that makes real liquid platinum silicone toys.

Wash in hot soapy water, or dishwasher, can be wash is 5% bleach solution—safe with most lubes, we do not recommend silicone lube. Always wash toys after use, store separately, we recommend clean cotton socks or wrap in a bandanna.

STATS (inches/cm)
Length: 2.75”/70 mm
Width: 2.10”/54 mm
Circumference: 7”/178 mm
Diameter: 2.23”/57 mm
Inner Circumference: 4.9”/125 mm
Inner diameter: 1 9/16”/40 mm
Inner depth: 2.25”/57 mm
Weight: 8.2 ounces/0.23 kg
Weight in packaging: 8.4 ounces/0.24 kg

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