Nipple clamps rounded special

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Enjoy exciting nipple stimulation with this nipple stimulator with screws. It is a beautifully finished round sex toy that gives great pleasure.
With the sharp teeth this nipple clamp gives the ultimate pleasure and you can tighten the screws as tight as you want. Once they are on the nipples, it is a truly beautiful sight.

You place the cool, metal crossbars over your nipple or your partner's nipple and then slowly tighten the screws. As you tighten them, the nipple comes under more tension. As you operate the toy, your submissive partner is at your mercy. Put your lover under pressure for a moment and then take the pressure off in a sensual love game together.

Diameter: 18 mm.
Width: 33 mm.
Weight: 45 g.
Stainless steel.

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